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Another one of your children has flown the coop. It is truly unbelievable. You were just reminiscing the other day about your baby's first words, or when he/she brought home their first A on a spelling test. And now little Tommy is going off to college! You are such a proud parent. While you are confident he is going to screw up along the way, you are also hoping that he is going to make some rational decisions, learn something along the way, and get through it all in four years.
You are most likely sad and excited at the same time, but you are also completely preoccupied with all the loans you now have to pay up. And if you aren't worried about that then you are definitely anxious about the loans your son/daughter is about to incur. And if you still don't have to worry well then there are always the credit card bills that will show up in your mailbox with inexplicable charges resembling Moes Pub $650.49 What ever are you going to do?
This is where the Ultimate Di$count Card with Student Advantage comes in. It is a great gift to send little Tommy off to school with. For just $20, you can save both your money and Tommy's at a ton of restaurants, cafes, and stores all over his college's local area as well as at companies nationwide. Tommy can easily receive discounts on Amtrak (so he can come home and visit you more often) and 1-800 Flowers (so the tulips he got you for your birthday will show up on time). By using the card just twice, you will already be paid back! The Ultimate Di$count Card with Student Advantage is the perfect going-away gift and it is an easy way to tell Tommy that you love him (without completely embarrassing him in front of his prospective frat brothers).

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