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UDC is the Perfect Fundraiser!
Ultimate Di$count Card with Student Advantage makes the perfect fundraising product!
Whether for a fraternity/sorority, social club, sports team,
dorm/house or any other organization, UDC makes
fundraising fun, fast and easy absolutely RISK FREE. Finally, your
organization can sell a product that is worth far more than the selling
price...and one that every student can use everyday, all year long
saving huge money in the process!!

Sell a product that virtually sells itself!
Meet your fundraising goals fast!
Make tons of money!
RISK FREE; all cards on a consignment basis!
Entire fundraising program can take less that 2 weeks!

Make Unreal Money!
Sell 25 cards...Earn $125 for your group!
Sell 50 cards...Earn $250 for your group!
Sell 75 cards...Earn $375 for your group!
Sell 100 cards...Earn $500 for your group!
Sell 200 cards...Earn $1000 for your group!

I want to start raising
money today absolutely risk free!

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